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A KIDabra Invitation​

You're Invited to Join the Family

Did you know that throughout the world there are thousands of people just like you who perform for children and families at birthday parties, schools, preschools, festivals, fairs, libraries, picnics, restaurants and more? It's true!

Even better they're like- minded folks who have many of the same successes, concerns and needs just like you. They can be found locally, nationally and globally. At KIDabra International we are a group and a family of those very people, we'd like to invite you to be a part of this amazing family too!

One of our conference staff had tears streaming down his face, in joy, the first time he attended KIDabra Conference. He said it was the first time he had found acceptance as a children's performer and he was blown away. It's what we do here.

It's time you did this for yourself! Join today! Your work with young audiences is important, needed and rewarding. KIDabra International exists to help you with this serious calling. Plus we have a heck of a good time on the journey.

A Place for You!
A Group For You!

Don't Dare Miss Another Copy of The KIDabra Journal: The Voice of The KIDshow World

The KIDabra Journal:

Deliverd as a PDF Magazine


The crown jewel of KIDabra International is The Amazing KIDabra Journal with routines, tips and writings from throughout the KIDshow World.

Enjoy the amazing interviews by Skip Way! Featuring columnists: Barry Mitchell, Jozo Bozo, Jim Kleefeld, Mark Wade, Dean Allan Carnegie, Ian Adair, Tamar, Silly Scott, Brad Ross, Todd McKinney, John Bobik, Nina Dees, Matt Bailey and more!

The KIDabra Journal is now a Digital Magazine in crisp high resolution which should open on any device that reads PDF files. (Open the PDF in ibook and you get a magazine/book like viewing experience and it stores your magazine too.)


(Membership in KIDabra International includes The KIDabra Journal)


Join KI Today and Don't Miss another teriffic KIDabra Journal. 



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Kould you imagine a place where you can see  Terrific, World Class, Live Children's Shows presented before an audience of experts: kids!

If there was quality time that you could spend with the best lecturer's, teachers and performers from around the KIDshow world, how would you use the time and incredible opportunity? People like Max Howard, Terry Evanswood and Barry Mitchell who inspire you!

Did you know, you could learn the creation of routines for your show from studying the most creative folks in our industry? And that it would be so much fun and educational too? (After all once you have a great trick, prop or skit, the work has just begun to turn it into something folks are eager to watch.) Thinkers like Jim Kleefeld and Christopher T. Magician, who get your creative juices flowing!

A place where could you go to experience so many styles, viewpoints, theory, and real world expertise of performing for kids and families. How cool it would be to be a part of a chance conversation with Niels, Chris, and Mark talking shop!

Best friends coming together and forging new lifetime friendships and invaluable networking. Find yourself hangin' with folks like Ken Scott, Bruce Amato, and Skip Way!

Resources, a veritable candy store for performers every need, assembled in one place, at one time, like no other place in the world! Walking around making your dream list with Dan, Tim, Riz, and more!

And you could do all of this in a resort like atmosphere at one of the top family fun destinations in the US.


There is a place! A Conference that exists, only one place on Earth!

Please join us August 7-10th, 2017 during KIDabra Conference where, "Amazing!" is the norm! We can't wait to see you!


Please Join Us Monday August 7 through Thursday August 10, 2017

KIDabra Conference Features:
Tony Award Winning Jay Johnson makes his first KIDabra Appearance!
Maker Magician Mario in his First KIDabra Appearance!
A First Time Lecture from
Scott Green!
Two Live Shows
The KIDabra Thursday Night Gala
The KIDabra KIDshow Auction
with Gary Shelton!
Optional Monday ShowSkills with Chris Weed, Niels Duinker, Tom Vojohan, and Michael Messing!
 The Newest  Lecture
from Barry Mitchell
Late Night Balloon Jam, Morning Santa Jam, and WOW Morning Senior Shows Jam
KIDabra KIDTalks with Sherry Grant, September Cardriff, Carisa, and more!
The KIDabra Dealer's Room
Plus Lectures, Seminars, Networking, and a Who's Who of The KIDshow World
and More to Come!

​We Can't Wait to See You at KIDabra!

Register Today, and your audiences will thank you for it tomorrow!


The 2017 Conference


Watch as The 2018 Stars Appear in January!


The Amazing Folks at
KIDabra Conference 2017:
Jay Johnson, CA
Mario the Maker Magician, NY
Christopher T. Magician, CA
Scott Green, Chicago
Niels Duinker,
The Netherlands
Carisa Hendrix
Calgary AB, Canada
Ken Scott, Atlanta
Barry Mitchell, TN
Christopher Cool
Calgary AB, Canada
Jim Kleefeld, OH
  • Jim Austin, IL
  • Max Howard, GA
  • Chris Weed, AZ
  • Gary Shelton, NC
  • Joe Selph, CA
  • Dorian LaChance, GA
  • Tate Elliott, NC
  • Glenn Strange, SC
  • Skip Way, NC
  • Tim Gaines, LA
  • David Allen, GA
  • and your hosts:
  • Mark and Tami  Daniel, NC
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