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Watch as The Stars of


The 30th Anniversary



Once upon a time a conference like KIDabra didn't exist. The dream of a place for pro-minded KIDshow Performers to flourish was just a spark.

The realized dream of KIDabra exists today because founder and visionary Mark Daniel was frustrated. As a working KIDshow pro he attended conventions regularly both magic and clown gatherings looking for ideas and wanting to learn how to become a better KIDshow performer. The realization that there was an occasional lecture here and there and the fact that KIDshow performers weren't really respected was disheartening.

With the help of amazing friends and most importantly his ever supportive wife Tami, the concept of nurturing, growing and bringing respect to an important art form began in earnest nearly 30 years ago.

Over the years names like Ken Scott, Barry Mitchell, Dave Risley, Duane Laflin, the late great Bruce Bray, and dozens of other terrific performers have become known throughout the world through their work at KIDabra. Also, an annual industry trade show has grown out of the gathering with the birth there of Barry Mitchell Products, Tim Sonefelt's Wonder Imagery, and Jeff Brown-Jones Magic Backdrops, and more. Joe Lefler considered KIDabra his home base and Christopher Weed has carried on Joe's incredible table legacy with ShowTime Magic here.

Important artistic voices like Max Howard, Hiawatha, and Dr. Charles Pecor have brought depth and meaning to what we do.

The New Young voices are also emerging here with Christopher T Magician, Carisa Hendrix, Scott Green and Mario, all dedicated professionals who embrace and respect the KIDshow profession.

World class performers like Keith Fields,
Terry Evanswood, Buster Balloon, Todd Neufeld, Trevor Lewis, David Kaye and Jay Johnson regularly teach, and innovate with us.

We are touched with the humility, and humor of Gary Shelton, Tommy James Thomas J Warren, Jim Austin, Nathan J Roberts and Tate Elliott.

As a group, publicly and privately we support scholarships and the kids that will one day be our stars and voices.

Warning! Unlike other conventions, there is work ahead for you at KIDabra. We work on all phases of performance, the act of standing before a group of kids and families is a time honored storytelling that demands the best we can give. You'll be inspired to grow through the inspiration, the history, the tradition, and the progressive vision of continuing to reach higher. We feed the whole performer. The World needs the Best Performers, entertaining, teaching, inspiring, not the best marketers. That said we don't ignore the "business of show" either. The best artists often flounder without the understanding of the business of what they do. We speak to that as well.

Hundreds of performers have grown successful businesses out of KIDabra directly or indirectly. Seasoned pros come for inspiration, and beginners come to find a footing. KIDabra offers the pathway of full experiences, and the real work, well beyond what endless Youtube videos can offer. Sorry, there is no quick magic piil.
One of the really nice things about KIDabra is the lack of egos, politics, and the embrace of the fact that we are here with the common goal of putting on a show, hearing kids laugh, or even sit with rapt attention as magical moments reveal themselves to their delight.

Today I admit I'm a better performer because of KIDabra. It is the conference, as a working pro, that I want to attend. The people, the resources, and the family of KIDabra are a treasure! The pieces of the puzzle to your growth, and your success are here, and ready if you're willing to accept the challenge.

If these notions resonate with you then there is a place you are invited to be in August and again in January at KAX with a group of people who "get you!" It all begins with these words, Welcome to the KIDabra Family!

As the story continues to be told, come be a part of the story, the history and the future of a place called KIDabra!



To Join Us,

As The  KIDshow World Gathers

In- Person & Virtually!


Kould you imagine a place where you can see  Terrific, World Class, Live Children's Shows presented before an audience of experts: kids!

If there was quality time that you could spend with the best lecturer's, teachers and performers from around the KIDshow world, how would you use the time and incredible opportunity? People like Max Howard, Duane Laflin and Barry Mitchell who inspire you!

Did you know, you could learn the creation of routines for your show from studying the most creative folks in our industry? And that it would be so much fun and educational too? (After all once you have a great trick, prop or skit, the work has just begun to turn it into something folks are eager to watch.) Thinkers like Barry Mitchell and Christopher T. Magician, who get your creative juices flowing!

A place where could you go to experience so many styles, viewpoints, theory, and real world expertise of performing for kids and families. How cool it would be to be a part of a chance conversation with Buster, Ken, and Mark talking shop!

​​Best friends coming together and forging new lifetime friendships and invaluable networking. Find yourself hangin' with folks like Ken Scott, Christopher T., and Skip Way!

Resources, a veritable candy store for performers every need, assembled in one place, at one time, like no other place in the world! Walking around making your dream list with Dan, Tim, Barry, Chris, and more!

And you could do all of this in a resort like atmosphere at one of the top family fun destinations in the US.


There is a place! A Conference that exists, only one place on Earth!

Please join us August 18-21st, 2021 during KIDabra Conference where, "Amazing!" is the norm! We can't wait to see you!


KIDabra 2021 Features

The First Ever In Person Appearances at KIDabra of:

Jef Eaton, FL, Bri Crabtree, San Fran Bay Area, Chad Jacobs (Chef Bananas) St. Louis, Regina Martinez, TX, Wacko, LA, Pee Wee Morales, NJ


Visiting for the First Time in Many Years:

Niels Duinker, SC

And the KIDabra Foundation Team:

Ken Scott, Atlanta; Barry Mitchell, Pigeon Forge; Max Howard, Atlanta; Christopher T. Magician, SoCal; Buster Balloon, SoCal; Annie Banannie, SoCal; Chris Weed, Phoenix; Yasu Ishida, SC, Lee Andrews, GA; Tim Gaines, LA; Brian Hoffman, Santa Clarita, CA, Glenn Strange, SC, Clark Sides, Raleigh NC; Christine Pynn, NY, Tate Elliott, Raleigh, NC; and your hosts Mark and Tami Daniel, NC,


Wow! Wait, we’re never complete until you’re there! There's seminars for you on Show Development, Hands on Workshops, Lectures, New Routines, Theming, The Business, Marketing and Branding, a Live KIDshow, Late Night Jams, The Saturday Night Gala, the informative KIDabra KID Talks, and the most Powerhouse Vendors room in years with tremendous resources for performing pros!

We Can't Wait to See You!

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