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KIDabra 2022 Chattanooga Schedule Coming Shortly, Stay Tuned!

August 18 - 21, 2021
The Virtual Conference
  Please Note: Schedule Adjustments are Happening as Needed in Real Time In The Conference Facebook and Zoom Groups 
Please Note: All times are Eastern Standard Time, US.

Welcome to a special place! A place to be Inspired, Challenged, and Motivated. Welcome to KIDabra!  At the Conference, you'll meet the New as well as Foundational Voices of KIDabra and The KIDshow World! Different from most conventions, at KIDabra Conference our speakers are asked to bring a new, fresh, original talk each time they appear, as we explore performance and creating great shows from every angle.
This approach helps make each of our KIDabra gatherings, a unique, handmade,
once in a lifetime "Happening" Just for You!        


Zoom Hangs Throughout the Conference

Wednesday August 18, 2021  Optional ShowSkills Workshops
Optional Pre-Conference Event 
In Person or Virtual
ShowSkills: The KIDabra How To Workshops
ShowSkills are a remarkable series of Workshops that harken back to the beloved KIDabra Breakouts. Designed for you to experience them all in depth, one at a time! Come be  inspired, motivated, and enlightened to the possibilities of our performing/show world.
Be sure and add this Optional Workshop Event to your Registration.

Your Host for ShowSkills Glenn Strange


10:30 AM Eatern US

Christopher T. Magician
Magic of The Mouse

12:00 Noon Eastern US

Chris Weed
The Power of Google My Business and How to Maximize Your FREE Google My Business Listing
Chris focuses on clever ways to get Five Star reviews and what to do with your reviews to get marketing value from them. Best of all it's taught  in a completely non-technical way.

1:30 PM Eastern US

Yasu Ishida


Teaching Artists 101

Book More School Shows!

You’ve tried sending postcards, gone to PTA conferences, talked to teachers you know, but you still need to book more school shows. Welcome to The Art Council adventure!

Working with Arts Councils is a great way to expand your reach because they often supply schools with funding. And moreover, they sometimes organize showcases and help you promote your school programs in their districts.

Yasu with an M.F.A. in Theatre for Young Audiences, has been affiliated with arts councils from Hawaii to Florida and 90% of his school bookings come from working with them. He'll share specific language that educators & committees in arts council use. Also, what kinds of programs you can offer through arts councils, the education standards, and how to apply for your programs to be accepted to their teaching artist rosters.




3:00 PM Eastern US

Regina Martinez


Custom Promo Videos

Your step-by-step formula to create a powerful marketing tool that converts your lookers into bookers.

Look at your inbox. Do you have any lukewarm inquiries still making up their minds whether or not to book you? Or perhaps they’re waiting for that magical moment that turns their ‘maybe’ into a ‘YES, I need to book!’.

Creating promo videos is no easy feat. The planning, the tech, the recording, the editing can easily get overwhelming.

But what if it was simple and easy?

What if you could complete it in an evening?

What if you knew EXACTLY what to do and say?

By the end of the lecture, you will be equipped with a SIMPLE yet POWERFUL formula that will convince your potential client they need to book you.


Wednesday Evening, August 18:  KIDabra Conference Begins!

7:00 PM Eastern US

The Special 30th Anniversary Welcome and Opening Ceremonies with Mark Daniel

and then

A Brand New Lecture from Duane Laflin

from The Grand Magic Theater in Colon, Michigan




9:00 PM Eastern US

Participate with Annie and Chad in a Zoom Conversation on Branding.

Plus, our favorite serial entrpeneur Chris Weed stops by too!




10:30 PM Eastern US

See The Hit Lecture from Christopher T. Magician:

Magic of The Mouse!



Thursday, August 19

Your Day Host for Kidabra
Joe Selph

Joe Selph 89_edited.jpg


10:30 AM Eastern US

Barry Mitchell

Dynamic Trickery

Barry shares his 31st Original KIDabra/KAX Lecture!

Dynamic Thinking for Magicians, Clowns & Chickens! Discover and understand how Dynamic Thinking adds the bells, whistles and psychological trapdoors to your show. Dynamic Trickery doesn’t have to be a trick, but it does have to be entertaining in a way that is unpredictable and satisfying. This unique way of thinking will heighten the laughs and make every show a memorable event.

Be prepared for the unexpected . . . and possibly a chicken!

Dynamic DisclaimerThis presentation may include latex poultry.




12:00 Noon Eastern US

Annie and Chad Zooming for Ypu!



1:30 PM Eastern US

Jef Eaton

The New Kandu Magic Lecture





3:00 PM Eastern US

A Visit with Ken Scott

The Sitting President of The International Brotherhood of Magicians


Thursday Evening, August 19

6:00 PM Eastern US

A Special KIDabra Visit with Inside Axtell

Join Steve, Ryan & Special Guests: Michael Rosander & Yoly





9:00 PM Eastern US

The Dealers Show

See the Latest in Products and Services from Your Favorite Dealers!



10:30 PM  Eastern US
The Balloon Jam
Hosted by Clark Sides and Annie Banannie


Friday, August 20

9:00 AM Eastern US

WOW Senior Show Morning Jam

with Jim Austin and Gary Shelton







10:30 AM Eastern US

Niels Duinker


12:00 PM Eastern US

Buster Balloon
Coloring Fun


1:30 PM  Eastern US

Bri Crabtree
Props Out of My Head

3:00 PM Eastern US




A Chat with KIDabra's Theatrical Guru,

The Emmy Award Winning Max Howard

with Mark Daniel



Friday Evening, August 20

Steve Petra and Friends

Plus, Barry Mitchell Stops By!

Making It Different: The Freewheeling KIDabra Edition



7:00 PM Eastern US


Chris shares his Summer Reading program for you and afterwards shares building a successful program. This is the good stuff!


8:30 PM Eastern US

Christopher T. Magician

Live and In Living Color



10:00 PM Eastern US

Meet Jennifer Brody, aka Vera Strange. Award winning author of more than ten books, including the Disney Chills series. With the tagline, “The dreams you FEAR will come true”—the Disney Chills book series featuring iconic Disney villains haunting kids, have been a hit with children, reluctant readers, and Disney fans alike!


Jennifer/Vera joins us to discuss her book series, and her thoughts on what it takes to engage and thrill that 8 to 12 years old age group.

A Visit with Children's/Youth Author

Jennifer Brody, pen name, Vera Strange

with Buster Balloon



Saturday, August 21

9:00 AM Eastern US

Santa Morning Jam!

Calling all Santas, Mrs. Claus" and Elves!


Your Santa Jam Host: John Bobik

10:30 AM Eastern US

John Reid

Commercial Cartoons Balloon Workshop

Discover how you can add Something Wonderful to your show almost instantly!

Over 20 years experience in the restaurant business have provided John with the building blocks to create quick and impressive designs that are recognizable to children, parents, and even their grandparents too! John shares his commercial cartoon series, which is a set of building blocks to make character parodies like Space Ranger, Cartoon Rabbit, Cartoon Duck, Roadrunner, Starfish, Ninja Turtle, and a One-Eyed Monster...
John even shares his long-held secrets for;
   •    Work with 646's to create a ride inside design that has become John's most Instagrammed pieces.
  •    Simplified artwork to add to your sculptures to get the little details just right.
   •    Twisting base designs that serve as the foundation for a plethora of sculptures!
If you want the insider tips that other balloon artists have kept secret forever, or they just didn't know, then this is the workshop for you!








12:00 Noon Eastern US

David Ginn








The NSM Principle

How I Found It and How I used It. A Very Special Lecture for KIDabra!


1:30 PM Eastern US









The Magic Behind The Scenes

Keeping The Show Up and Running

Most muggles don't realize the incredible work that goes into making our live shows happen. We do, and Wacko takes you inside of his thinking on making the show happen no matter what! From Prop Maintenance to fixing props in between shows, and even making broken props work. Plus, what to do when a prop fails when you're standing in front of your audience.

Wacko is one of So Cals' Top Performers and a regular at DownTown Disney, Skypark at Santas Village, and The Magic Castle. Whether it's for royalty, celebrities, the troops overseas, or a child's special day, he brings his best, plus, did we mention he's an enthusiastic, likeable, awesome person? Come meet the one and only Wacko!

4:00 PM Eastern US







​8:00 PM Eastern US

The KIDabra Gala Show

Produced and Directed by Buster Balloon, and Your MC for the Evening is Gus Davis!

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