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August 18 - 21, 2021
Live and In Person in Atlanta
  Stay tuned as the Puzzle Pieces continue to unfold on a living breathing piece of Art: KIDabra 2021
Please Note: All times are Eastern Standard Time, US.

Welcome to a special place! A place to be Inspired, Challenged, and Motivated. Welcome to KIDabra!  At the Conference, you'll meet the New as well as Foundational Voices of KIDabra and The KIDshow World! Different from most conventions, at KIDabra Conference our speakers are asked to bring a new, fresh, original talk each time they appear, as we explore performance and creating great shows from every angle.
This approach helps make each of our KIDabra gatherings, a unique, handmade,
once in a lifetime "Happening" Just for You!        

Wednesday August 18, 2021  Optional ShowSkills Workshops
Registration Opens 8:30 AM
Optional Pre-Conference Event 
In Person or Virtual
ShowSkills: The KIDabra How To Workshops
ShowSkills are a remarkable series of Workshops that harken back to the beloved KIDabra Breakouts. Designed for you to experience them all in depth, one at a time! Come be  inspired, motivated, and enlightened to the possibilities of our performing/show world.
Be sure and add this Optional Workshop Event to your Registration.

9:00 AM

Lee Andrews
Conquering The Midway


Since Lee Andrews was six years old he has spent a majority of his time on a carnival midway in some capacity. Whether it was spinning floss in a candy wagon or running a water gun race while turning a tip, Lee knows the carnival business inside and out.

Now, Lee performs at over 20 fairs each and every year across the country. Lee has made the transition from performing in many different venues to just working within the fair industry with his show, Lew-E’s Comedy Circus. During his ShowSkills workshop Lee will share his knowledge of the fair industry with you.


He will help you understand things like the booking process, his fair show creation theory, the flash is cash mentality, and so much more. Join Lee Andrews for a walk down the midway at KIDabra 2021!


10:30 AM

Yasu Ishida


Teaching Artists 101

Book More School Shows!

You’ve tried sending postcards, gone to PTA conferences, talked to teachers you know, but you still need to book more school shows. Welcome to The Art Council adventure!

Working with Arts Councils is a great way to expand your reach because they often supply schools with funding. And moreover, they sometimes organize showcases and help you promote your school programs in their districts.

Yasu with an M.F.A. in Theatre for Young Audiences, has been affiliated with arts councils from Hawaii to Florida and 90% of his school bookings come from working with them. He'll share specific language that educators & committees in arts council use. Also, what kinds of programs you can offer through arts councils, the education standards, and how to apply for your programs to be accepted to their teaching artist rosters.


So welcome on board, and check your seatbelt. This flight is bound for booking more school show adventures.




Lunch Choices Available in the Hotel and around the area.

1:30 PM


Chris Weed

3:00 PM


Wednesday Evening, August 18:  KIDabra Conference Begins!

5:00 PM

Registration Opens

7:00 PM

The Special Welcome Ceremony

and then

The 26th Annual Kid Show Magic Auction Auctioneered by Gary Shelton!

Our legendary auction with tons of great buys! (You must be registered for the convention to participate as a buyer or a seller.)
Auction info and guidelines here.
Thursday, August 19

9:00 AM  Welcome to KIDabra International Conference.

Registration Opens

Dealers Open




Your Host for the Day is


9:30 AM

Barry Mitchell

Dynamic Trickery

Barry shares his 31st Original KIDabra/KAX Lecture!

Dynamic Thinking for Magicians, Clowns & Chickens! Discover and understand how Dynamic Thinking adds the bells, whistles and psychological trapdoors to your show. Dynamic Trickery doesn’t have to be a trick, but it does have to be entertaining in a way that is unpredictable and satisfying. This unique way of thinking will heighten the laughs and make every show a memorable event.

Be prepared for the unexpected . . . and possibly a chicken!

Dynamic DisclaimerThis presentation may include latex poultry.



10 30AM



Lunch Choices Available in the Hotel and area.


1:30 PM

Jef Eaton

The New Kandu Magic Lecture




3:00 PM



5:30 PM

Thursday Evening, August 19

7:00 PM

Christopher T. Magician hosts

It's a Family Thing!



9:00 PM

The Dealers Minute Show

followed by Visiting and Shopping in The Dealers Room!


The Legendary​ Late Night Balloon Jam
Hosted by Clark Sides and Annie Banannie


Friday, August 20

8:00 AM WOW Senior Show Morning Jam







9:00 AM KIDabra International Conference Continues:

Registration Opens

Networking Time

Your Host for the Day is TBA


9:30 AM

Niels Duinker

10:30 AM

PeeWee Morales


Lunch Choices Available in the Conference Center

1:30 PM


3:30 pm





5:30 PM


Friday Evening, August 20




7:00 PM

10:30 PM

The First Ever Foam Jam
Saturday, August 21

9:00 AM KIDabra International Conference


Registration and Dealer's Opens

Networking Time

                                                                             Your Host for the Day is Lee Andrews

8:00 AM

Santa Morning Jam!

Calling all Santas, Mrs. Claus" and Elves

for a post breakfast visit.


KID Talks








Lunch Choices Available in the Hotel and the Area















4:00 PM

KIDabra Dealers Open for Final Shoping
The Annual KIDabra Drawing  takes place in the ballroom this year! Don't Miss It!




Dinner out and about, but hurry back for The Gala :)


​8:00 PM

The KIDabra Gala Show


Tickets available at the door for friends and family. You're Registration badge is your ticket.

Your MC for the Evening TBA

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