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How to Start a KIDabra Chapter


How would I go about starting a new KIDabra Chapter in my area?"

 It's not hard to do. The most important key is to take action and just do it.

 (A healthy club maintains best at 15 to 25 members)

By habit, people need to visually see and feel good about something before they join. Folks should be able to attend twice before making a decision on joining.

Gather a group of like minded folks who entertain kids and families. You can find them on social media, at local SAM, IBM, Clown Ally, or any other magic club or organization in your area. If you attend local clown or magic conventions,  seek out individuals who would be interested in joining.

Sensitive Topic

It should go without saying but here it is anyway. Please invite people of good character. Folks who will do no ill towards their audiences, children or otherwise.

Choosing a Meeting Location

This can be in someone's home, a local VFW, Firehouse, American Legion, Police Officer's Lodge, a Church, etc.

If you can get an organization to sponsor you for perhaps with an offer to do a free Holiday magic show to the local kids, that that would be great. (You could even do an ICE CREAM social for that organization and they could even make a profit validating a great relationship for a long time to come.)

When guests get to the local meeting you should have KIDabra International membership applications in hand and get their name, address, and email address. Email/Facebook them for the next meeting, one-week before the meeting date.

Meeting Format

There is no "cookie-cutter" format that is perfect, however, there are some actions which could make a meeting successful.


  • Choose a day of the week that is best for you

  • Meet 10 Months (None in July or August) KIDabra International meets in August

  • Be excited about the meeting (Excitement breeds excitement...Enthusiasm breeds Enthusiasm)

  • Focus Meeting on a single topic

  • Set hours from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

  • Keep Business portion of meeting to no more than 30 minutes or less. (Introduce new members and guests)

  • Select something they can take home with them. (How-to, a Easy to do routine, Conversion of existing effect, etc.)

  • Ask others if they would perform a routine, effect or lecture at the meeting.

  • Have a pre-selected Marketing topic and discuss this topic for about 30 minutes.

  • Have a plan and plan for success. It will happen.


It’s really that simple. The key is to DO, …not ask open-ended questions, like “Well, what should we have next month?”.


Your KIDabra Chapter strictly focuses on KIDshow and family entertainment. What are some good Topics for meetings?


Below is a sample meeting agenda:


  • September: Guest Lecturer (This is a draw for new members)

  • October: Halloween Performing  for Kids

  • November: Holiday Performing for Kids

  • December: Social Night with a Kids Show (Holiday Party)

  • January: Plan to Attend KAX

  • February: Daycare Shows, School Shows or Birthday Party Show Development

  • March: Audience Participation Techniques

  • April: Marketing Schools, Daycare and Library Shows.

  • May: Easy to perform Puppetry

  • June: "Look Don't See" Routines

  • July: No-Meeting, Vacation season

  • August: Plan to attend KIDabra International

 Members will come if you spark their imagination, provide good information, good marketing tips, good routines, free items, and a friendly environment.

Written by the KIDabra Life member, and long time President of KIDabra Chapter 1:
Dennis Michael
( Thanks Den!)

​​​A Note for all KI Chapters, current and prospective from Mark
Do invite new folks to attend a couple of times, with no obligations. After those initial visits to become a member of your chapter they must first join KIDabra International, then your chapter. This makes your chapter healthy with a solid foundation. On meeting night, leave egos down the street. I know it's challenging, we're show folk after all. Put members to work with individual assignments each meeting. Ask them to do book reports, mini lectures, prop reviews, brag sessions, marketing minute, techniques of performance, refreshments, etc...


Have a great time of fellowshipping, keep video presentations to 10 minutes or less and the business meeting outside of the general meeting. (usually prior to is best.) Please be respectful of your pros in attendance, quizzing them about fees and bookings often make them feel like hunted animals with vultures hovering overhead and scares them away! (Really! )


Above all keep it fun!





Thinking about starting a KIDabra Chapter? Mark Daniel and Dennis Michael talk about the secrets to success.

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