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The 3rd Annual KAX Auction
Wednesday, January 25, 2017 7:00 PM
Our legendary auction with tons of great buys! Auctioneered by the KIDabra Life Member Gary Shelton! (You must be registered for the convention to participate as a buyer or a seller. For 20 years we have done this at KIDabra Conference, and we're excited to bring it to you at KAX.) A wonderfully fun evening with the hilarious and informative Gary Shelton hosting the hundreds of items that are sold. Hijinks, bargains and craziness are guaranteed. It's s big auction so be prepared to visit a bit. Cash Only. No checks, No credit! 15% of sellers fee goes to KAX. Please bring items in beginning at 5:30 PM, not before, thanks!


KAX Conference Begins with The Auction

Location: River Ridge Residence Inn Convention Center, Oxnard, CA


All items sold must be in working condition, no items that need repair!

Important Note:
Reminder, seller is responsible for their items whereabouts, security until buyer takes possession.


FAQs about the Auction

Can I bundle items into a package?
For the auction you may bundle items to count as 1. For the auction this may be important to achieve the $20.00 starting bid.

What kinds of things should I bring to sale?
Valued items over Twenty Dollars ($20) bidding starts at $20.00 such as Magic tricks, puppets, and props that can be used to entertain a family or children's audience are what we're looking for. Also, books, original  dvd's (no VHS please), collectibles, anything relating to entertaining family audiences. (Inappropriate items, i.e., risque or dangerous props, will be rejected that evening.) Leave your big illusions at home. If they sell, they don't bring the money you're looking for. The exception is small levitations like flying carpets, etc usually do well. We reserve the right to refuse any item. And don't forget, leave those magazines at home as well, thanks!


All items sold must be in working condition, no items that need repair. Buyers, please be aware of what you are bidding on, Caveat Emptor, all sales are final.

How many items can I sell?
Up to eight (8) at the Auction.

A Courtesy, Please!

As you select items for sale, if you have something currently sold by a guest lecturer or dealer in attendance, you may want to choose another venue or forum for that item. (For instance suppose you have an Axtell puppet currently being sold by them, please hold off, if it's an a retired item, not currently avaialable from them, then yes.)

I'm planning on selling, what should I do?
Auction items may be checked in and displayed shorthly after 5:30 PM, Wednesday evening.
All Auction items removed after the auction, sold or not.

Your auction items should be placed at the sign that corresponds with your member number after you have checked in and turned in your paperwork.

There are 2 forms required. (Very easy to fill out)

First the list of up to 8 items (Make 3 copies) for the auctioneer, KIDabra administration and yourself.
Second form is for each of the individual items to tag them with the your name and your lot # (your member #), item name, minimum if any name of item and description of the item.

Individual Items Description Form
Download form for individual item description forms. Each item must be labeled with these you'll need up to eight (8).

For Auction Sales Sales (Value above $20.00)

Individual Items Description Form

Download form for individual item description forms. Each item must be labeled with these you'll need up to eight (8).

For Auction Sales  (Value above $20.00)

Download and print (Up to 8) Auction ITEM Forms (PDF Format)
Download and print (3) Auction LIST Forms (PDF Format)

Make Three Copies of Auction List
1 For KIDabra Auction Staff
1 For Auctioneer
1 For Yourself

What's next?
We will draw numbers to see what order the lots are sold. Items are auctioned individually within each lot. Please be patient, it's a long, busy, wonderful evening:)

Auction Guidelines:


1. There is no charge to attend, but you must be registered for the convention. This year to offer a family event, your spouse and children are invited to the auction. (Of course they may not buy or sell.)
2. You may participate as a buyer and/or a seller.
3. Auction will begin promptly at 7:00 PM after welcome and opening ceremonies.
* All items for sale should be brought in starting at 5:30 PM. All items should be displayed by 6:30 PM. NO LOTS WILL BE ADDED AFTER 6:30 PM!! No AUCTION items may be sold after they are brought into the room, except through the auctioneer.
4. Please understand that once you bring your items in and place them out, you are responsible for them until they reach the buyers hands.
5. To sell, you must have your items marked with your member number and have turned in two copies of your item list to Tami by 6:30 PM.
6. All items should be in good working condition with instructions if possible, or be prepared to demonstrate how it works.
7. Up to 8 Auction items must be in packages worth a minimum of $20.00 plus, preferably higher so you can get at least $20.00.
8. All items must be labeled with the lot number (your member number) and item form.
9. Minimum AUCTION opening bid is $20.00, minimum raise is $1.00.
10. 15% of all sales go to KAX to cover administrative costs of the evening. We will use the cash as you go system. (Items are paid for as they are sold.) CASH ONLY! NO CHECKS! NO CHARGE! NO EXCEPTIONS!
11. Seller may bid on his own item to raise the price but he only has 2 bids per item. In the event he buys his own item, he still pays KAX the 15%.
12. Seller may present identical items for sale. After the initial bid, all items will be sold at the same price.
13. Minimum bids may be set. It is traditionally easier to start an item off from twenty dollars and let it work it's way up and to use your 2 personal bids to raise the price. It's often a turnoff to start an item off at it's minimum bid, say $75.00, or $300.00. (Of course there are exceptions on hot-in-demand items)
14. Items that have minimums and do not sell are not charged 15%.

15. Sellers will pick up their monies at the registration desk the next morning.

We plan to make this event a lot of fun. Buyers can probably pick up some good deals and the sellers may even make a few $$ to spend in the dealers room.


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