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August 3-7, 2015
The 2015 Schedule Coming in Early 2015
(In the meantime enjoy the 2014 Happenings)
 Registration Opens
Optional Pre-Conference Events



7:00 PM Monday, August 11

Barry Mitchell

MMM – MMM . . . Good!

Cooking Up Magic, Message, & Ministry

Do you present a message in your shows? Do you present church programs? Do you use object lessons? Do you want more ideas and creativity in your “message” based events?

Barry has turned up the heat to cook up an informative and inspirational workshop.  with over three hours of content to help you improve your message shows to MMM – MMM . . . GREAT! This is a First Time event at KIDabra and a must see for those in the KIDabra family who work with churches. Barry is bringing his best experience and ideas to make you the best at what you do.

This special event is only $59.95 and Barry is bringing a huge amount of FREE NOTES and useable content as part of the workshop. Some of the Workshop Ingredients: More Message & Less Theology, Money in the Mix (Power of Proper Pricing) Spicing Up Your Standards, Recipe for Writing Message Magic, Mixing Music with Message And a Bowl Full of Magic


This Optional Workshop is only $59.95.


Tuesday August 12 Biz Builders Optional Biz Builders
Optional Pre-Conference Event Biz Builder Classes


Only $99.95 plus KIDabra Conference registration for  Aug 12th
Registration Opens 8:30 AM
Your Biz Builders Host:
Todd McKinney

10:30 AM

Todd Neufeld
Inside The Performer's Briefcase:
Tips, Tricks, and Templates for The Professional Entertainer


Ken Kelly
The Money Shot


The “money shot” in marketing is a term term to describe an emotive image that creates a buying desire.


Fresh from its hit debut at Trix in the Stix UK, Ken Kelly will be talking about the money shot and how we can use its power as children’s entertainers.


Ken will be sharing three secrets of how photographs will get you more bookings and give you the edge over your competition. You will learn:
1. Why certain pictures work at a subconscious level.
2. How a single image can increase your booking conversion
3. How to get professional images.


Bring your smartphone as this is a hands on lecture.

"Just have to say how much I enjoyed your lecture at Trix. A highlight among so many other highlights but outstanding because of the really useful information and advice about getting the right kind of photographs.” Pat Fallon



“Thank you for a wonderful lecture at Trix, I'll be completely honest, I wasn't that worried about seeing your lecture as I have never really thought about photography before, but you totally changed my viewpoint, it was a real eye opener for me, and I just want to properly thank you for inspiring me.” Peter Aubery Editor of Rubber Chicken Magazine.


Todd is one half of the groovy hit duo of Todd and Buster from the Late Night KIDabra Sessions, he's also a former Patent Attorney turned one of the Top Balloon Artists and Performers in the world!


He shares the dynamics of how to help you with the essential parts of keeping your business running efficiently day to day. Maybe you've noticed that the paperwork has become more involved for our day to day, Todd can help with that:) It doesn't get any groovier than that!




Lunch Choices Available in the Conference Center

1:00 PM


Julian Mather and Ken Kelly
7 Secrets on How to Use your iPhone to Get New Audiences and Improve your Performing

Julian Mather never imagined he would perform for 1 million people .... in under a year ... and without leaving his home. This is the power of Youtube. 1 simple trick got 1,000,000 views. Are you hungry? Kids magicians are well poised for a slice of this online pie. Julian Mather and Ken Kelly show you proven ways to capitalise on something you probably already have in your pocket. A lecture full of inspiration, information and possibility.

2:30 PM


An Afternoon with Popular Children's Author Steve Metzger
Hosted by Jim Kleefeld

A KIDabra Biz Builders Exclusive First Time Event!

What if... we were fortunate to get two former Preschool teachers together to chat? Both who would go on to very successful careers:


Steve would work as an Editor of children's books for 20 years at Scholastic, and most importantly become a very popular children's author numbering over 60 books at this writing. Books that are illustrated by many of the top children's illustrators existant! (His book Detective Blue is illustrated by Tedd Arnold of Fly Guy fame!)


Imagine no more, come meet popular children's author from Manhattan, Steve Metzger ( as he and Jim Kleefeld talk about children's books, publishing, and the possibilities and opportunities for folks looking to write and publish just like you!
Discover how Steve researches, imagines, and writes. This is an important glimpse into character, plot, and story development. A helpful part of the puzzle for you as you write and develop your own routines, scripts, shows, and yes books!


With so many of us presenting reading shows this is an important event into understanding, developing, and growing with the mission of bringing great books to kids!

(Steve will have some of his newest titles with him available for purchase and signing.)


Time well spent! A Don't Miss Feature Biz Builder Event!

Tuesday Evening, August 12: KIDabra Conference Begins!

5:00 PM

Registration Opens

7:00 PM

The 20th Annual Kid Show Magic Auction Auctioneered by the "Kernal" Gary Shelton!

Our legendary auction with tons of great buys! (You must be registered for the convention to participate as a buyer or a seller.)
Auction info and guidelines here.

Wednesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 13

9:00 AM  Welcome to KIDabra International Conference.

Registration Opens

Networking Time

Your host for the day is Kevin Heller

10:00 AM

John Reid



The Guy from Long Island who rocks the "stache" is coming to KIDabra Conference, Pigeon Forge to lecture for the first time ever! Don't Miss his practical, unique, creative, hands-on, make it yourself fabulous show stuff!

John sets a World Record in April !

1 man, 4,302 balloons and 41 hours over 5 days to create the world's largest balloon sculpture made by one person.

11:00 AM

Julian Mather


Easy Does It! ... Can some simple tricks and a pair of britches leave an audience in stitches?

Julian Mather shows you how adding a handful strategically added pockets to your performing clothes and filling them with the power of simple tricks can create effective engaging magic and give a boost to your performing confidence.


Lunch Choices Available in the Conference Center


Michael Rosander's Wilder West Show LIve with Kids and Chat After.




Michael Rosander is passionate about creating productions that incorporate magic, comedy, and unique characters with one unifying theme. Under his company, No Sleeves Magic, Rosander lets his imagination run wild in his performances. His degree in theatre has given him the structure and knowledge to mold magic in such a way that every trick and action has a purpose and every transition propels the story forward. In addition to his love for magic, Rosander enjoys a career as a working actor for film and television. He can be seen in the CBS series Under The Dome, the host for Walmart commercials, and several award-winning short films. Rosander recently finished up his first lead role in the film Adrenaline, starring John Schneider from Dukes of Hazard. Join Rosander as he makes his first Kidabra appearance. A Don't Miss KIDabra Feature Event!

3:00 PM

The Max Howard Project

The Gift of The Nutrition Magician:

Pure Energy

Hosted by Gary Shelton


Max Howard shares a gift with you! A journey from beginning to end to empower kids to eat well.

Max tells the story of how the successful program came to be.


After the visit, hosted by Gary Shelton, something unprecedented will happen only once, and only at KIDabra Conference. Max has retired the program, and he would like for it to go to someone who will preseve, perhaps perform it, and become it's new caretaker. Gary Shelton will auction the show props, and exclusive rights to one person, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to The Joe Lefler Scholarship Fund! Wow!

5:30 PM


Wednesday Evening, August 13

7:00 PM

An Evening with Paul Osborne

with Joe Romano

A Special KIDabra
Highlight Event!


9:00 PM


Dealers Minute Show hosted by Todd McKinney followed by Reception in The Dealers Room!


Spend an evening at KIDabra with one of magic’s most prolific creators, designers and producers of magic worldwide! His unique design and drawing style is instantly recognizable and iconic! With 50+ years in magic, 100s of theme park shows produced, three years as Bozo’s ringmaster, illusions designed for every major Las Vegas performer, and Genii Magazines’ longest running columnist, Paul has lots of stories to share!

He has recently returned to his roots and one of his great loves, KIDshow magic and props in a new book series called KidTrix.


Paul rarely if ever lectures, yet come August you'll want to be in Pigeon Forge to meet Paul making his first ever KIDabra visit! Join Paul and his friend Joe Romano as they talk about his amazing career, his take on creativity, and his approach to KIDshow props.This is a once-in-a-lifetime entertaining and educational evening.

A KIDabra Exclusive, Don't Miss, First Time Event! Time well spent!


The Legendary​
Late Night Jam

In The Lobby of The Convention Center

Hosted by Ken Scott

Thursday, August 8

Thursday, August 8

Thursday, August 8

Thursday, August 14

9:00 AM KIDabra International Conference Continues:

Registration Opens

Networking Time

Your host for the day is John Bobik

9:30 AM

Tood Neufeld
Maximum Impact: Big Balloons

Easy to do designs that kids, families, well actually everybody will love! Todd takes you inside the psychology of why these creations work so well and leave your audiences happy!

10:30 AM

The Great Zuchinni

with Ken Scott

Eric Knaus is a KIDshow Rock Star! His life reads like a novel or a TV show. He is an openly flawed everyman who is a modern day pied piper.

At KIDabra Conference discover: Why little kids love him! Why Washington DC's Rich and Powerful will hire no one else for their kids! Why his unorthodox performance style is so controversial and successful!

We predict you will really like hm as a person, and we predict he will challenge everything you believe about performing. We study every aspect of performance at KIDabra, and because of that we're excited to bring The Great Zucchini to you for the first time at KIDabra!

A Don't Miss KIDabra Highlight Event!


Lunch Choices Available in the Conference Center

1:30 PM

Danny Orleans
The Art of Presenting Magic To Teenangers
The Live Show before a group of teens, with an interview by Master Interviewer Skip Way afterwards.
A KIDabra Feature Event!

3:00 KID Talks



Julian Mather

How I Accidentally Got

1,000,000 Youtube Views

A ringside view of the journey so far where he does't pull any punches. You'll smell the liniment of his failures and get flicked by the sweat of an occasional win. You might even feel re-energized after hearing this and be ready to go another round or two.

Ken Kelly

Kids Mind


Practicing psychotherapist Ken Kelly shares evidence based psychological principles that you can use to get the best from your audience. Understand challenging behaviour and what you can do to manage, prevent or mitigate disruption in your show. Learn Ken’s techniques and how his “magic touch”, “drawing the line” and the “magic circle”, key into a child’s subconscious behaviour patterns giving you audience control without having to say a word. Tried and tested in Ken’s own kids show!

Tommy James

Coool KIDshow Closers

Stan Allen

Things to Think About

5:30 PM


Thursday Evening, August 14

7:00 PM

An Evening with David Kaye!
The Debut of: Turn It Around!
A Special KIDabra Highlight Evening Event!
Hosted by Stan Allen


Part One: David in Iceland

10:30 PM

Special KIDabra Highlight Late Night Event
A Man, A Rabbit, and Their Amazing Tales!
Stan opens the vault of his incredible stories, many involving a certain rabbit named Stew. Rumors are rampant that the two will reunite Thursday night at KIDabra to see who wins the battle of man against furry, cuddly, mischievous beast:) Ken Scott hosts the proceedings with Stan and Company.

Part Two

Friday, August 15

8:00 AM

Santa Morning Jam!

Calling all Santas, Mrs. Claus" and Elves

for a post breakfast visit hosted by Leon Mcbride in the Lobby of The Inn.

9:00 AM KIDabra International Conference Continues:

Registration Opens

Networking Time

Your Host for the Day is Leon McBride


Barry Hinnant

Stage Workers for Tweens


Real-world routines that engage and captivate audiences of 9 through 12-year-old kids.


Have you ever needed to perform before audiences of exclusively upper elementary kids, but didn't know where to start? This is the place. Barry Hinnant, the Talkin' Tweens columnist for the KIDabra Journal, takes you on a journey that gives tips on basic philosophy, stage persona, disarming your audience, and the type of humor that makes them laugh out loud.


And because all of the routines are developmentally appropriate for this age group, they work!


Be there, Barry's Breakout Workshops have drawn raves in the past.


Don't Miss Barry's First KIDabra Feature Lecture!





Marcela Murad

The Live Show with  an invited group of Preschoolers!

Followed by The Lecture!

A KIDabra Feature Event!


Lunch Choices Available in the Conference Center

1:30 PM

Barry Mitchell

Target W.O.W.

Barry believes there is a process to creating WOW in both our shows and the way we run our businesses. Over the years he has shared many principles of creativity, magic, and stagecraft. This year at KIDabra he shares a principle he has NEVER SHARED in workshops. YOU WILL WANT TO ADAPT THIS IN YOUR Performance! You might say, “Wow! He’s giving away everything. Exactly!” Once you understand his principles of targeting the WOW; you’ll adopt them immediately!


You’ll only see this WOW event at KIDabra 2014.


3:00 PM

Kevin Heller

"Think Big!

Performing Family Shows with Larger Props"


5:30 PM


​8:00 PM

The KIDabra Gala Show

With thanks to WonderWorks and an invitation from Terry Evanswood, KIDabra attendees will be their guests Friday night for Terry's Show! The Wonder's of Magic starring Terry Evanswood.

Expect surprise cameos, the KIDabra Closing Ceremonies, plus Terry will come out after the show for a chat and Q & A.

Your Conference name badge is your ticket. (If you have additional family members with you who would like to come to the show, you may purchase tickets for them too.) We'll carpool over to the theater, which is just around the corner from The Music Road.


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