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August 8-12, 2016
Pigeon Forge, TN
Stay Tuned: The 2016 Schedule for The 25th Anniversary Homecoming is coming early 2016

7:00 PM Monday, August 3

Special Optional Event

Three Hour Master Class

with Chris Capehart

Imagine Learning 2 Classics of Magic taught by one of The Best in The World: The Linking Rings and The Misers Dream, Capehart Style! He makes these pieces- works of art, fun, and funny! They've taken him around the world. Now he shares his secrets with you!


Imagine no more, come be a part of this Unique, Limited, Small Class Size Opportunity! Chris' easy style allows you to learn at your pace and skill level. Pick up the subtilties, and psychology you'll never get from YouTube!


The Chris Capehart Master Class is only $55.00.

Limited Registration, Sign up Today!


 Registration Opens
Optional Pre-Conference Events


Tuesday August 4 Optional Biz Builders Optional Biz Builders
Over the years at KIDabra Biz Builders, an amazing thing has happened: person after person has left with the knowledge, actually on fire, to go rev up their entertainment business. We are privy to an astounding number of success stories. This is an incredible testament to the fact that get rich quick is not preached here. Instead you get solid business techniques with cutting edge approaches from the real pros there to share. A student, learning, will flourish and interestingly, you'll find the best performers never stop being students and never stop learning.
KIDshow Business Builders Seminars includes marketing as well as many other business aspects of entertaining. These seminars show and teach the work involved to make yourself successful and stay busy.
Optional Pre-Conference Event Biz Builder Classes


Only $99.95 plus KIDabra Conference registration for  Biz Builders
Registration Opens 8:30 AM

Your Biz Builder Host:

Todd McKinney


Tom McDonnell and John Bobik
Join Tom and John on a Pro's Quest for Professionalism

 Your show is right where you want it. 

 Great effects, patter, jokes, music, staging in place. Check

What's the next step? How do you take the whole package

to the next higher Professional level?

 John and Tom will help you with this mission.

With tips and pointers on how to load and unload,

staging, customer interactions and many more.


Do not miss this BIZ Builder Seminar packed tips,

Ideas and surprises.



10:30 AM

Greg Britt (Elgregoe)
Building Success
Greg Britt is one of the most successful KIDshow performers in the world! He has boundless enthusiasm, and great ideas to share with you on building your success! His visits to KIDabra are always highly anticpated! Don't Miss the great BIZ Builders Tips of Greg Britt!


Lunch Choices Available in the Conference Center

1:00 PM


The Inspirational Interview with Marcela Murad
Hosted by Skip Way
Marcela is one of the most successful Family and KIDshow entrepreneurs existant! Her story is amazing, filled with challenges and triumphs of how she changed an industry!
Come be motivated, inspired, and challenged by one of the best!
Who knows, maybe this visit will be the spark that ingnites your flame! And perhaps one day it's your incredible story that's told at KIDabra. And you'll quote an "aha moment" from Marcela's story as the seed. It can and does happen! Don't miss Marcela and Skip at BIZ Builders!
A BIZ Builder Highlight Event!

2:30 PM


Michael Ammar
How To Negotiate Higher Performance Fees and Making Magic Memorable!
Two topics close to Michael's heart are Negotiating Higher Performance Fees - every self-employed entertainer needs to understand the fundamentals of negotiating and Making Magic Memorable - He’ll share  2 favorite effects for making you and your magic unforgettable! 
Then stay over as Michael and Brian Daniel share the details behind an entirely new business model for creating an additional revenue stream for children’s entertainers called Discover Magic!
A KIDabra BIZ Builders Highlight Event!
Tuesday Evening, August 4th: KIDabra Conference Begins!

5:00 PM

Registration Opens

7:00 PM

The 21st Annual Kid Show Magic Auction Auctioneered by the "Kernal" Gary Shelton!

Our legendary auction with tons of great buys! (You must be registered for the convention to participate as a buyer or a seller.)
Auction info and guidelines here.

Wednesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 5

9:00 AM  Welcome to KIDabra International Conference.

Registration Opens

Dealers Open


Your host for the day is Steve Kissell

8:30 AM

Discover Magic

Grab Breakfast then you're invited to head to the Ballroom for an informal meet and greet with Michael Ammar and Brian Daniel South for a chat about their Discover Magic Program.

10:00 AM

Greg Britt (Elgregoe)

Elgregoe Simply Magic Favourite kid show routines!



11:00 AM

Andrew Remnet

Ideas on Working Outdoor Walkaround Shows

When people think of walk around magic, they instantly think of the 3 C's: Cards, Coins, or Cup and Balls.  But what if the audience consists of small children or families?  Kids either don't understand what just happened or they simply don't care, and now you have lost your audience.

But do not fear... we have just the thing to spruce up your next outdoor act!  From Sunny Southern California, Andrew Remnet – AKA 'Mister Porkpie' will show you how he brings the fun with his picket fence stand and puts a new twist on old ideas.  You will be able to keep the kids (and their parents) entertained during YOUR outdoor walk around shows at festivals, churches, schools and more.



Lunch Choices Available in the Hotel and area.

3:00 PM

Keith Johnson

Bubbleology 101

How bubbles work & how to put them to work for you.


Bubbles are fun with benefits!  Entertainers around the globe are re-discovering the power of soap bubbles to spice up their work — by a bit (an instant “WOW!” when you need it most) or a bunch (bonus time making bubbles is the best up-sell opportunity you’ll find this year). 


The sudden availability of off-the-shelf, pro-grade bubble gear is fueling this fire but we’re still in the early days.  If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to ride this wave, now is the time to get your feet wet and Keith Johnson is

"The Guy" you’d want leading the way.


Keith is a full time performer with 30+ years, coast to coast.  His background is in creating and presenting one-man, humor based, educational shows about a wide range of topics for elementary school & family audiences. 


In 2000 he was bitten by the bubble bug, resulting in a raging bubble obsession.  Now, bubbles are what he does! Performances, wrangling for film, TV, print and other cool projects too. He consults with theme parks, manufacturers, inventors & other pros looking to tweak their bubble acts.  He’s even has a book deal to explore the history of bubble play and performance.


What he has never done is craft a presentation for fellow entertainers to introduce them to the secret world of bubbles.  Until now!


 Bubbleology 101 is designed to be a foundational experience that will stick with you and serve you well as your bubble abilities grow.  Topics include: A bit of history. Tips and tricks. Games and game plans. Props. Practical advice & some hands-on. Know-how to open your eyes to the range of possibilities of Bubbleology!


This is a KIDabra World Premiere Don't Miss Feature Event!




1:30 PM

Barry Mitchell

Gadgets, Gizmos, and Goofy Ideas


5:30 PM


Wednesday Evening, August 5

7:00 PM

An Evening with Michael Ammar

Hosted by Max Howard



9:00 PM


Dealers Minute Show
followed by Reception in The Dealers Room!


An Extraordinary Event!

Join Max Howard as he delves into Michael's incredible story and life from the mountains of West Virginia to the glitter of Hollywood and beyond! 

A Note From Michael:

"We’re calling it a ‘General Session’, but Max doesn’t do anything in a ‘general’ way.  In fact, I suspect his questions will help me reveal things I didn’t even know I knew!  With any luck, he’ll help create the illusion I’m much more clever than I really am, so I hope you’ll join us for this once in a lifetime experience!"



The Legendary​
Late Night Jam


Thursday, August 8

Thursday, August 8

Thursday, August 8

Thursday, August 6

9:00 AM KIDabra International Conference Continues:

Registration Opens

Networking Time

Your host for the day is JOHN BOBIK

9:30 AM

Tim Sonefelt
Devices, DooDads, and DooHickeys

10:30 AM

The Great Zuchinni

The Live Show with an invited group of kids and chat afterwards.

A Don't Miss KIDabra Highlight Event!


Lunch Choices Available in the Conference Center

1:30 PM

Gary Shelton and Friends
In His First KIDabra Feature Lecture
Mining Gold from the Golden Years
In a seminar that will touch your heart, affect your soul, and set you on a most worthy mission! Join Gary Shelton and invited healthcare professionals who will share who, why, where, when and how of performing for America’s largest growing audience…Senior citizens!
Audience requirements, show construction and marketing will be included.
A KIDabra Feature Event!

3:00 KID Talks



Anatomy of an Educational Routine

Joe Romano

Secrets of A Successful Entertainer

Todd Neufeld

KID Talks is Produced by Nathan J. Roberts

Theatre Magic

Christopher T. Magician

Performance Transitions

Nathan J. Roberts

5:30 PM


Thursday Evening, August 6

7:00 PM



An Evening with Christopher T. Magician
Beyond Look, Don't See
Bringing New Life to Old Tricks!
A KIDabra Highlight Event!

Get to know Chris, his unique approach, sense of humor, and his thinking behind the scenes.

10:30 PM

Rob Erdmann with "Maggienificent"
Customizing Your Show
A Sleeper Surprise Event!
Friday, August 7

8:00 AM

Santa Morning Jam!

Calling all Santas, Mrs. Claus" and Elves

for a post breakfast visit.

9:00 AM KIDabra International Conference Continues:

Registration Opens

Networking Time

Your Host for the Day is Todd Neufeld


Jim Austin
Enter the Brain Zone with Jim's Gems!
Making Tricks and Props Work Wherever You Work!


You’re booked to perform for 6 year old Johnny, and his 30 friends.

You arrive armed with your tried and proven children’s show, to find your audience is Johnny and a room of adults. Only one child and 30 adults.  What do you do?


You’ve spent 60 minutes setting-up your corporate show and you’re now waiting for the employees to arrive. Just then, the door flies open and a hundred kids rush in to fill the floor area surrounding the front and sides of the 12 inch high riser. The client then explains for the first time, that you’re to keep the kids entertained for at least 60 minutes, because the adults are in the next meeting room discussing the company’s future and their changing jobs. What do you do?


Enter the Brain Zone with Jim's Gems! Jim Austin shares a fresh perspective on making your props work where you work! Think through the possibilities, and the process of getting the most out of every prop.  Seniors, Preschool, Adults, and Message - regardless, the show you have already prepared can work for any audience. Discover how thinking differently works where you work!



Jim Kleefeld

Christmas Magic


Lunch Choices Available in the Conference Center

1:30 PM

Gene Cordova

How Puppets Take Over the World!


It can happen, it happened to Gene Cordova who today travels throughout the US and the world looking after Bongo and friends, and now at KIDabra- Gene and his primate pal, Bongo, will teach you how to make your puppet real and also how to give him/her a personality. Gene shares how to develop a voice to suit your puppet character.


Gene shares examples of the following types of voices; falsetto, nasal, guttural, slow, along with demonstrating how to use cartoon and TV character voices like Kermit, Fozzy Bear, Elmo, Bert and Ernie, Marvin the Martian, Yoda, Dudley-Do-Right, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and others to help you find your unique voice. 


Bonus Material: Gene will share 9 points that will take your puppet to the next level. And he covers non-verbal puppetry too! Prepare for the takeover with one of the best: Gene Cordova at KIDabra.


A KIDabra Feature Event!

3:00 PM

An Aftrenoon with Chris Capehart
Children's Magic
Chris Capehart Style





Dealers, Dinner, and a Show :)

​8:00 PM

The KIDabra Gala Show

Tickets avaialble at the door for friends and family. You're Registration badge is your ticket.

More Info Here



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