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How  does KAX compare to the August KIDabra Conference?

KAX is a KIDabra Midyear, it is a unique event that compliments the mother Conference in August.  Surprises are ahead making it one of the 2 must attend KIDabra KIDshow events annually:) Many Folks arrivein early and stay later for visiting and sightseeing as well. Stay tuned for Breaking KAX News!

Do I have to be a member of KIDabra International to attend KAX?


Great question! The answer is: We would love to have you be a part of the amazing family that is KIDabra, as a member. And have you receiving the incredible treasure that is The Digital KIDabra Journal. However, come to KAX, kick the tires, and find out what KIDabra is all about!  We think you'll be so excited it's a natural!

When you register, you can choose the Non- Member Option:)






Youth Performers:
I wanted to attend KAX, but my mom and dad aren't performers, would they have to pay full registation?


No, At KAX, Youth Performers under 18, may attend when accompanied by an adult parent or guardian. Adult parent/guardian must be on the premise at all times. Youth register at the Performer Rate, parent/guardian registers as a Spouse if they wish to attend the conference. Parent/Guardian may choose not to register if they decide to just relax at the hotel, and tickets are available to the Saturday Night Gala for them if they'd like to attend the show.



Thank Yous


Our Special Thanks for making this incredible event happen in 2016 go to:


Steve Axtell and all of the Axtell Expressions crew, they can't wait to see you!


The cities of Oxnard and Ventura, CA for rolling out the red carpet for KAX!


The Convention and Tour Bureau of Oxnard!


Amy of Helms-Briscoe for going above and beyond!


And thank you, to you, who have supported us day in and day out as we dare to explore and say: What if?


Thank you,

Mark and Tami


We look forward to seeing you in January, and again in August. Twice is nice, for great friends!


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