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KIDabra Virtual

Live and On Demand
August 16-19, 2023

(Registration for Virtual Opens Mid- July)

The Action Captured Live for You:

Join us for Virtual Live from KIDabra, with a 2 camera shoot to bring the action live to you!

You're There!

Attend The Featured Lectures and Events during KIDabra In Person

as an On-Line Attendee!

On Your Schedule, On Demand for a Year!
Watch at your leisure, or over and over as the events are also archived. So if you're in a different time zone, watch when you're ready.

Featuring The Live Streaming of

KIDabra, Chattanooga 2023

(Note: The Late Night Balloon Jam, Santa Jam,  and Optional ShowSkills on Wednesday, are reserved for In person attendees only, and will not be a part of the Virtual.)

Archived for You!
Want to go back and watch again later to check notes, you will have full access for one year.

Now you don't have to not miss out on the Events of KIDabra because of Work/Show Conflicts, Travel Issues, or health reasons.

This incredible option establishes a wonderful way for us to connect with you when you can't be there with us physically.

Register Today for KIDabra Virtual and Until the Conference for only $199.95. (A Great Service if you can't be with us in person.) 

You not only get Live & Virtual but can return to watch the archived videos whenever you want!


(Note: When you register please include your Facebook Profile Name in the Notes Section. That will be your entry into The KIDabra LiveCast Secret Group.)



Here are some helpful insights and answers to FAQ:

How Does it Work?
You'll need a Facebook Account, which you probably already have, and a device to watch on- Computer, Smartphone, or iPad or through Apple TV, and Chromecast. If you can currently watch video and have Facebook on your device, then once registered, you can watch the featured lectures and events of KIDabra Virtual and attend KIDabra from wherever you are.

How do I access Virtual Live?
Once you register you'll be included in a Secret Group on Facebook. Only attendees can see or access the group.

What will I see?
You'll see the LiveCast Selected Featured Lectures and Events of the Conference!
(Note- We will broadcast the Opening, and Welcomes Wednesday Evening, August the 22nd. And we will stream the Auction for you to watch also. Bidding will be in person only, however if you have a friend in attendance certainly you could ask them to bid and pay for you.)

How Long Will The Virtual Be Available to View?

You can watch the sessions as often as you like for a year!


What if there are glitches during broadcast?
It's always possible. We'll record a hardcopy backup simultaneously to upload in case any seminars are missed due to technical issues. We will post the LIveCast sessions as soon as they air. (Just bear with us should there be a glitch, we'll get any sessions that need to be added uploaded ASAP.)

We respect the copyright of our lecturer's and performer's work.  Only paid KIDabra Online attendees will be able to view the archived video.


Terms of Agreement

By Registering for The LiveCast you agree to full rights to view, but not to share/copy outside of the Secret Group by any duplication means currently existent now or in the future.

Our goals:
To provide an awesome conference experience, honor the amazing performers and creatives who make KIDabra amazing, and continue this worthwhile artistic home place for some of the most creative folks on earth and bring this experience to you in person, and on line wherever you are.

Now no matter where you live, or what your situation can JOIN US FOR KIDabra 2023! Register Now and Until KIDabra Conference Time!

                   Virtual Registration Is Open Now!

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