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Jump Start Your Year and Your Shows, Be Inspired, Be Motivated, all in a place that Celebrates Creative Performers like You! It's KAX! KIDabra + Axtell = KAX

Presented on Interactive Zoom and Facebook Live,

KAX 8 Features:

The Wednesday Night Welcome and Special Event

A Special Inside Axtell Evening with Steve and Ryan Axtell and Special Guests!


A Special Friday Evening Event

Late Night Balloon Jam with Annie is time magnificently spent with the best artisans and performers like you sharing, teaching, learning, networking, and celebrating The Latex Arts.

Special Late Night Events

KAX KIDTalks done TEDTalk style!

The KAX Dealer's Room is an important resource room for your shows, shop, network, and be inspired!

Lectures, Seminars, Shows, Resources, Networking, The Saturday Night Gala, and a Who's Who of The Variety Entertainment World are happening for you and with you at Virtual KAX 2022!


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​The  Amazing KAX 8




The Tony Award Winning

Jay Johnson

Steve Axtell


KAX is a unique place! It is a marvelous crossroads intersection of the performing variety arts. A place where performance is studied and magic, vent, puppetry, balloonology, and juggling are celebrated! KIDshow and Family performers are held in high esteem here!

It's a place where even top professionals mark off the week to be there, to be a part. For the people that do what we do it's: our "Burning Man," our "Comic-Con," our University, and our Family!  It’s Special, it’s magical, and it’s more fun than we should be allowed to have!

We can't wait to see you in February for Virtual KAX 2022: The Conference of Variety Family Performers!

A Quick History on the Origins of KAX
KAX started with a phone call from Steve Axtell and he was a driving force that helped us shape the conference. KIDabra + Axtell = KAX
People often asked if KIDabra and KAX are the same conference and just East and West?

While they are both KIDabra productions, they have different programming. KIDabra is more KIDshow Magic focused with a secondary Variety Arts focus, and KAX is more Variety Performing Arts with Puppetry, Vent, and Magic.
The KAX conference is midyear from KIDabra, and late winter for us, so KAX becomes a bright light, inspiration, and important jumpstart to the new year.

Amazing Moments and People from Earlier In Person KAX gatherings!

It's Magical, It's Special, An Evening of Incredible World Premieres!

Wednesdays at KAX

KAX Late Night:

Power of The Puppet


Buster Balloon


Louie Foxx

Bri Crabtree


Ken Scott


Joe Selph 89_edited.jpg

Joe Selph

Regina Martinez


Annie Bannanie

Brian Hoffman


Tim Gaines

Matt Bailey

Mark and Tami Daniel

Your Hosts and Directors

KAX is a Presentation of KIDabra International

A Note and A Welcome


If you're new to KIDabra, Welcome!


KIDabra is a group of like minded performers from around the world who perform for children's and family audiences. We are magicians, puppeteers, clowns, ventriloquists, balloonologists, storytellers, jugglers, and more! All folks who love what we do, and strive to share it with our audiences by being the best we can be!

If this describes you, then welcome to this Amazing Family and the Incredible Conferences, Welcome to KIDabra!

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