KAX 8 Schedule  2022

Keep you eyes peeled here and right up to conference time as Surprises Unfold, Jaws drop, and the Puzzle Pieces come together on a living breathing piece of Art called KAX!
You're Invited to Join Us for
An Incredible Adventure
of Serious Study, Amazing Fun, and Lifelong Friends!
We Can't Wait to Welcome You to KAX!

Listed Times are Eastern US, Please adjust accordingly for your time zone.

Wednesday February 2, Evening:  KAX Conference Begins:
Wecome Ceremonies and A Very Special Event

8:00 PM EST US

KAX Opening Ceremonies and Welcome

Plus Special Events!



Thursday  February 3:  KAX Conference

Listed Times are Eastern US,

Please adjust accordingly for your time zone.

Your day host is Joe Selph


Puppeteer, Magician, Marionettest and Interviewer Supreme.

Joe lives in Glendale, CA, and hailing from TN, he was personally recruited by Jim Henson as a Muppet Puppeteer.

He puppeteered on The Flintstones Movie, two of The Men in Black Movies, and was a Miss Piggy puppeteer on Muppet Vision 3-D.

A Man of many talents he was on the development team of the worldwide sensation of the toy, Furby.

Many of you know him as The Maestro Rene's performing partner for 10 years.

11:30 AM EST US




Barry Mitchell

Oceans of Creative Possibilities


2:30 PM EST US

Christopher T. Magician

Sixty Ideas in Sixty Minutes


4:00 PM EST US

David Kaye aka Silly Billy

The Puppetry of Animating Props





Thursday February 3:   KAX Conference  Thursday Evening hosted by Mark Daniel

6:00 PM EST US 

A Special KAX Edition Inside Axtell





8:00 PM EST US

Vendors Show and Fun!


10:30 PM EST US 

The Balloon Jam Wow!

Hosted by Annie Banannie





Friday February 4:  KAX Conference Continues

Your host for the day is Joe Selph


11:30 AM EST US

Louie Foxx

Working in Your Show/Act


Ok, so you've got cool new props and puppets, how do you make them good in your show?

Louie shares the "how to" of actively improving what you perform.

Great advice from a very busy performer and wonderful teacher who importantly takes his own advice on how to make what he does better and so can you!


1:00 PM EST US 


Buster 3 2 1 KIDTalk.jpg

2:30 PM EST US

Meadow Perry

The Bubble Magic Workshop


4:00 PM EST US
Jay Johnson


Friday February 4: Friday Night at  KAX Conference  hosted by Mark Daniel

7:00 PM EST US
An Evening with Christopher T. Magician


Photo Courtesy of Gary Dunn


9:00 PM EST US

Matt Bailey hosts a Visit with

The Exciting New Voices of Vent



Saturday February 5:  KAX The Final Day

Your host for the day is Joe Selph



11:30 AM EST US

Buster Balloon's

Encyclopedia of Balloon Gags



  A Creative Workshop with dozens of gags, tricks, and bits of business that Buster has spent years studying and collecting, as well as many original gags that he has created himself in his spare time when he was not busy writing run-on sentences.

Whether you are at a birthday party, a restaurant, or performing on stage, these bits can be used to give your routines that
healthy glow, shiny coat, and strong teeth that  Dozens of amazing and hilarious balloon gags.

1:00 PM EST US 

Bri Crabtree

Props Out Of My Head Too


Bri Crabtree with lovable impish charm is part ringmaster, part clown, and all kinds of fabulous!

POOMH is Part 2 of her amazing lecture on creative props that you to you can make yourself. Bri will show you how she uses them in her own shows too. 
Ideas, inspiration, and time well spent with Bri Crabtree!

2:30 PM EST US 

Ken Scott


4:00 PM EST US



Saturday February 5:  The Saturday Gala

8:00 PM EST US

Featuring the Stars of KAX!


Join us for a fun evening of Laughs, Magic, Ventriloquism, and Fun. Your Master of Ceremonies for The Evening is TBA.