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KIDabra DVDs: Taped Live at KIDabra

Brand New

THE DIY Sessions

A 2 Disc/ 2 Volume Set




Join Your Amiable Host Andrew Remnet, The DIY Magician, and The Stars of KIDabra, as they present and teach tricks, routines, ideas, and gags, that yes, you can make yourself!


Featuring: Bruce Amato sharing 2 Commercial Routines, first a fun MC/ Get to Know You Piece that is portable and very "Holey." The second is a very strong show finale of clever and very easy to do magic with a couple of pieces of rope!


David Kaye aka Silly Billy teaches the very entertaining Sneaker Juice with all it's subtleties!


Jozo Bozo shares his genius with a kid pleasing routine that involves simple props, Jewels, and Branding!


Rob and Maggie Erdmann with a clever rising baseball bat, ala Silver Sceptre,


Keith Fields with a very magical appearing clown nose and a McCombical Deckesque trick with coloring sheets that is terrific!


Jim Kleefeld teaches 2 novel mental effects that are kid friendly with sports balls, custom coloring books, and a nice touch of magic!


Christopher T Magician shares a concept of creating your own custom tricks so good it is worth the price of the set and beyond, but shhh, don't tell anybody!


Barry Mitchell is crackingly funny with rapid fire ideas come to life from The KIDabra Journal for you to use!


Sean Taylor shares an awesome idea: A complete act with paper magic that stores and is performed from a tiny box!


Plus Andrew Remnet with classic, easy to make sight gags and tips! It's a treasure trove of ideas to get your creative DIY juices flowing!


Videography by Jay Rumple. The DIY concept by David Kaye. Shot Live at KIDabra Conference!

THE KIDabra DIY Sessions
A 2 Volume Set

$40.00 plus $5.00 shipping
in the US.
(Other Countries: Actual shipping added.)

The KIDabra Live Library Session

A Two Disc DVD Set



If you do Library Summer reading shows or you're looking for a reading routine to add to your school show or even your Birthday Party, then join a host of today's top library performers for a romp through some great routines with reading, books and super fun!


  • Hosting the evening is the incomparable Steve Taylor, whose tips and stories of performing in libraries are worth many times the price of the DVD set. Featuring routines from Barry Mitchell, Ken Scott, Jim Kleefeld, Rick Hubbard, Julian Franklin, Bruce Amato and Chris Frings.

    Plus, hidden in plain sight, Rick Hubbard shares the actual finale of his own show that has taken him around the world. Learn "The All Kazoo Band" to perform in your own show. Priceless! (The coolest part is you can do this anywhere, not just in libraries.)

    After the performances, go behind the scenes for explanations and then enjoy the bonus features of Steve and longtime library show pro Mark Daniel as they discuss set design ideas for the show and then join a round robin discussion by several of the top pros in the library market led by Ken Scott as they talk about the ins and outs of this unique venue.

    The KIDabra Live Sessions exist as fabulous idea generators to spark your imagination. Join many of today's top KIDshow and Family Entertainers sharing between them a wealth of routines and tips. As always, a performer with repeated and careful study will glean valuable info and tips. Always remember emulate, do not duplicate.

  • Featuring:
    Jim Kleefeld, Barry Mitchell, Ken Scott, Rick Hubbard, Julian Franklin, Bruce Amato, and Chris Frings


  • Library Session 2 DVD Set
    $45.00 and Free Shipping in the US
    (Other Countries: Actual shipping added.)


Birthday Party Magic DVD Set

The Live KIDabra Birthday Party Session

A Two Disc DVD Set

  • The Project: Gather many of today's top children's performers to share tons of ideas on the Birthday Party Magic that you can use in your own shows.

Looking for some great Birthday Party Show Ideas?Then join 20 of today's Top KIDshow Performer's for tons of ideas, tricks and routines. This 3rd official KIDabra release in the live session series taped at KIDabra is filled with a wealth of styles and ideas to get you thinking and working on your show.

Just some of the highlights: Trevor Lewis performing and teaching a wonderful gypsy thread routine to use with the birthday child.See Ken Scott perform his sensational Fantasy Magician routine.Learn tips from Bruce Bray (Tip after practical tip), Greg McMahon (his Goody Bag idea), Eddy Wade (Mommy Pak) which are in themselves worth many times the cost of the DVD set.

    • Barry Mitchell's The Rules and The Ruler, is a new instant classic you can make yourself with a folding ruler and mouth coil.

      Michael Mode of Napkin Rose fame shares a terrific idea for involving a sibling and mom at the party with a touching moment.

    • Special Bonus: For the first time, enjoy the wild and crazy Outakes and bloopers from the session. And so much more. This is a must have collection for your working KIDshow library right along side the KIDabra Live Sessions for Halloween and Holiday Magic. This 2 DVD set collection features separate performance and explanation discs.

    • ​​Starring: Bruce Bray, David Kaye, Trevor Lewis, Sammy Smith, Mike Bent, Dave Risley, Trixie Bond, Mike Bent, Barry Mitchell, Jozo Bozo, Ken Scott, Carol Collins, Greg McMahon, Michael Mode, Steve Kissell, Eddy Wade, Bruce Amato, Dennis Michael, Dave Hill, Joe Lefler, and Ralph the Great

    • Birthday Party Magic 2 DVD Set: $45.00
      $45.00 and Free Shipping in the US
      (Other Countries: Actual shipping added.)

Holiday Magic DVD

A Two Disc DVD Set

The Live KIDabra Holiday Session

  • Starring many of today's top children's performers sharing tons of ideas on the holidays that you can use in your own shows. Part show, part workshop, part dealer demo, this session is a full on idea generating brainstorm!


    Taped live at KIDabra, Terry Evanswood along with Barry Mitchell humorously kick things off with Santa's magical appearance and he introduces his favorite elf as Master of Ceremonies, the charming Sammy Smith.

    Duane Laflin shares routines like Christmas Fun, A Which Way to Santa Routine for the Magic Arrow and an Angel Routine all of which you can make up yourself.

    Jim Kleefeld with a wacky Snowball Fight (Pom Poms on Steroids) and Ian Adair's Coloring Contest

    Dave Risley performs and teaches a terrific Santa in the Chimney routine that is probably worth the price of the DVD for his fantastic psychological subtleties on handling and the way kids respond.

    Marty Hahne teaches Karrell Fox's great tip on what to do when you're performing at the Christmas Party and Santa is late in arriving. What you can do to cover until he arrives. Then Marty performs the fun Run Run Rudolph!

    Tim Sonefelt presents The Sleigh Bell Express a clever magical take on a popular children's book involving Santa's sleigh bell.

  • Sammy Smith performs his gentle yet powerful Shrinking Glove routine with it's wonderful holiday/ North Pole premise and he return's with a wonderful bit you can make up called The Christmas Song Book.

    IBM had the hilarious and unforgettable team of Karrell Fox and Duke Stern(later Abb Dickson), KIDabra has it's own dynamic duo in Barry Mitchell and Terry Evanswood. Join them as they kid, bicker and rollick through The Rainbow and Bud the Bad Breath Reindeer. Priceless, Classic Fun!

    Jeremy and Cheryl le Poidevin from Practical Magic in England charmingly take turns with Cheryl showing the very funny Santa's Suits and Jeremy with Giant's Surprise and Happy Christmas Routine with a change box inspired by Robert Harbin.

  • David Kaye/ Silly Billy scores with Hanukkah and Holiday Routines. First Hanukkah, with a great Lota bowl idea as it becomes a lamp oil vase which produces the "oil" each day to keep the lamp burning during the holiday. David's simple yet effective 8 presents of Hanukkah with a mirror box, a super multiplying sponge candle Menorah routine, David's Silly Wands and finally a Menorah Silk routine.

    David then gives Christmas equal time with a brilliant and very commercial Wilting Christmas Tree, a very funny Child to Balloon Santa and his Magic Christmas Picture

    After the show, join the crew in Disc 2 for the behind the scenes for tip sand workings on the Explanation Disc.

  • Whether it's a quick idea to add into this years show or material to use for years to come- Holiday Magic! is a must have for your working video library and a perfect companion to Things go Magical in the Night- The Halloween Session for theming and brainstorming show ideas. Expertly shot, edited and packaged by award winning videographer Ryan Risley son of The Riz.

  • Holiday Magic 2 DVD Set
  • $45.00 and Free Shipping in the US
  • (Other Countries: Actual shipping added.)

Halloween Magic

Things Go Magical in The Night

A Two Disc DVD Set

  •  The Halloween Sessions were taped live at KIDabra with the hilarious Mike Bent as Master of Ceremonies. Laugh and be inspired by Mikes zany creativity and don't miss his classic Mummy Dearest.
  • Barry Mitchell performs a simple but terrific routine with Candy Corn, Tim Sonefelt shares an easy to make pumpkin/ jack-o-lantern zombie. Duane Laflin with a killer pumpkin sponge ball routine and Jim Kleefeld with an excellent Halloween Safety routine with Trevor Lewis's Flashlight Fun. Dave Risley, "The Riz" with a plethora of ideas for old Supreme routines. David Kaye as first: "Silly Billy" sharing his wand and Halloween routines, including a make it yourself Silly String Spider worth the cost of the DVD, then making his first ever video appearance as "Dr. Blood" along with his very commonsense advice on presenting gross/scary magic for kids. Plus so much more great stuff.

  • Sammy Smith with Critter Knitters, Ralph the Great shares Necklace Quest and a Pumpkin Card Trick you can make up. Ken Scott teaches a super routine with lots of kids, entertainment, and color that you can make and customize easily for any holiday! ( Another one of those worth the cost of the DVD ideas.) And much, much more!

  • Disc Two
  • The Performers discuss the how and why. David kaye shares tremendous themeing ideas practical not only to Halloween, but anytime!

  • Whether it's a quick idea to add into this years show or material to use for years to come- Things Go Magical in the Night is a must have for your working video library.

Halloween Magic DVD: $45.00
$45.00 and Free Shipping in the US
(Other Countries: Actual shipping added.)

KIDshow Superstars Volume 1

Terry Herbert

Terry Herbert is one of the great kid show magicians in the world today. He has been performing magic for over 50 years. His DVD "Children's Magic the Herbert Way" is considered a classic in the world of children's entertainment.

  • One of the highlights of KIDabra 2007, was this fascinating and entertaining interview between Terry Herbert and David Kaye. David found gold visiting with this lovable, one of a kind, personality. You'll discover a smart journeyman entertainer who has loved every second of it.

    You'll hang on every word of the easy rapport between Terry and David, plus thrill to the stories and cartoon voices from this wonderful storyteller.

    Among other things Terry discusses his early start performing in the Summer Holiday Camps in England. And straight from Terry's private collection, you will see video of his award winning comedy act for adults, The Great Fiasco, and his new character Mr. Woo the Wizard.

    Terry also performs live for the KIDabra audience. Watch as he presents an amazing coin trick that will absolutely fool you, and his hilarious five-minute puppet routine, with an adorable monkey, that will have you rolling on the floor. You'll enjoy time well spent with a legend and master performer, Mr. Terry Herbert, in this first volume of KIDabra KIDshow Superstars!

KIDshow Superstars Volume 1:
Terry Herbert KIDabra DVD

$29.95 plus $5.00 shipping
in the US.
(Other Countries: Actual shipping added.)

Order above by clicking the on the Purchase button, phone orders at 336-492-7870​

The KIDabra DVD sets are exclusive to KIDabra and also may be available exclusively from the performers who participated in the sessions.
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