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From Engalnd

Colin Dymond


The Tony Award Winning

Jay Johnson

Jump Start Your Year and Your Shows, Be Inspired, Be Motivated, all in a place that Celebrates Creative Performers like You! It's KAX! KIDabra + Axtell = KAX

KAX 2019 Features:
The Axtell Expressions Tour!
Meet the artisans, revel in the creative labyrinth, and let your imagineering run wild with the wonderful folks of Axtell in a guided tour just for you!

The Wednesday Night Welcome and Special Event

An Evening with Steve Axtell and Special Guests!
Be there for World Premieres from Axtell Expressions, be inspired, and the first to be a part of something awesome! Your jaw will drop, and Wonder will fill the evening as you witness "What if" come to Life! Till then Top Secret!

An Evening with Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop follows an incredible reunion that afternoon of Mallory and Shari's longtime assistant puppeteer and maker of Lamb Chop, Pat Brymer! 

Late Night Balloon Jam with Annie is time magnificently spent with the best artisans and performers like you sharing, teaching, learning, networking, and celebrating The Latex Arts.

Late Night Power of The Puppet hosted by Joe Selph is uniquely KAX with the people, the puppets, the tips, and the stories that bring Puppetry to Life! It's kind of what it would be like to have an all access pass to Disneyland after hours, it's that cool!

KAX KIDTalks done TEDTalk style!

The KAX Dealer's Room is an important resource room for your shows, shop, network, and be inspired!

Lectures, Seminars, Shows, Resources, Networking, The Saturday Night Gala, and a Who's Who of The Variety Entertainment World are happening for you and with you at KAX LA!



History, Aviation, and Hollywood will surround you and come to life!

Watch the planes land and depart the Van Nuys Airport runways while having breakfast. The Airport, is the go-to arrival and departure point for a host of Hollywood celebrities, musicians and movie stars flying under the radar. Feel the history of Amelia Earhart setting a speed record right in front of you.


Feel the thrill of the the Greatest Romance movie ever made, Casablanca,  it's closing scenes were shot over by the Airpot Tower. And this is the coolest, The Death Star, The Millennium Falcon, and the X Wing Fighter were born about two blocks from the hotel in a nondescript warehouse that would house an upstart company called Industrial Light and Magic!


And yes keep your eyes peeled, and your cool, as you may spot celebrity clientele, who appreciate the opportunity to travel incognito, ducking the paparazzi they often encounter at busy LAX. The Airtel Plaza Hotel pays tribute to its historic location in details large and small. A Pan Am plane from the Kirk Russell movie Executive Decision hangs overhead in the lobby to the delight of aviation enthusiasts, while ballrooms and meeting rooms pay tribute to the planes and pilots from another era.

You'll find two excellent restaurants in the hotel The Clipper Cafe, and Landings Restaurant serving great food, with importantly, great prices! In the evenings the popular Clipper Lounge is where KAXians and locals gather to sip cocktails in a carbon copy of the famed Long Bar in Singapore's Raffles Hotel. 


The Stars



(Watch as the Incredible KAX Roster

for 2019 appears!)


Mallory Lewis and Lamb Chop

Ken Scott

Yasu Ishida

Yasu Ishida

Mario the Maker


KAX is a unique place! It is a marvelous crossroads intersection of the performing variety arts. A place where performance is studied and magic, vent, puppetry, balloonology, and juggling are celebrated! KIDshow and Family performers are held in high esteem here!

It's a place where even top professionals mark off the week to be there, to be a part. For the people that do what we do it's: our "Burning Man," our "Comic-Con," our University, and our Family!  It’s Special, it’s magical, and it’s more fun than we should be allowed to have!

We can't wait to see you in January in LA, CA at

The Airtel Plaza Hotel for KAX: The Conference of Variety Family Performers!


Scott Green

Barry Mitchell

It's Magical, It's Special, An Evening of Incredible World Premieres!

Wednesdays at KAX

KAX Late Night:

Power of The Puppet

He's Willy Wonka, the Wizard from the Wizard of OZ and our industries own Walt Disney, all rolled into one. He's Steve Axtell!
At KAX, You are invited to be his personal guest, during a red carpet tour of Axtell Studio. You'll also love meeting the team of wonderful people that work and create all things Axtell.
An Optional Shuttle  will run Wednesday Jan. 23rd during daylight hours escorting a  group to and from the studio.
See why people pilgrimage from around the world as Steve opens his doors to you at KAX!
(Please plan your arrival times to allow for your tour, when you register.)

Annie Bannanie


Steve Axtell

and Friends!

Mark and Tami Daniel

Your Hosts and Directors

Buster Balloon

Joe Selph 89_edited.jpg
Ghost Mago Italo.jpg

Buster Balloon

Joe Selph

Katie Rosa Marchese

Pat Brymer

Brian Hoffman

Matt Bailey

From Chile, Italo Castillo

Mark Truman

Frank Padillia Jr.

KAX is a Presentation of KIDabra International

A Note and A Welcome


If you're new to KIDabra, Welcome!


KIDabra is a group of like minded performers from around the world who perform for children's and family audiences. We are magicians, puppeteers, clowns, ventriloquists, balloonologists, storytellers, jugglers, and more! All folks who love what we do, and strive to share it with our audiences by being the best we can be!

If this describes you, then welcome to this Amazing Family and the Incredible Conferences, Welcome to KIDabra!

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