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KIDabra International In Collaboration

with Axtell Expressions

Invite You to Return to The Historic,

Second KIDabra Midyear

on The West Coast!

KAX: The Adventure Beckons!

Steve and Mark Daniel Explore The Studio

Stay tuned for the Amazing Happenings coming in 2015. The Roster Announcements start in late August! In the meantime enjoy the 2014 KAX history below and please join us for KIDabra Conference 2014 in Pigeon Forge This August!
For 2015 KAX Registration, click here.
2015 KAX Travel and Hotel Info Here
KIDabra + Axtell = KAX
He's Willy Wonka, the Wizard from the Wizard of OZ and our industries own Walt Disney, all rolled into one. He's Steve Axtell!
At KAX, You are invited to be his personal guest, during a red carpet tour of Axtell Studio. You'll also love meeting the team of wonderful people that work and create all things Axtell.
A Special Shuttle from our hotel will run Wednesday Jan. 29th and Thursday Jan. 30 during daylight hours escorting small groups to and from the studio.
See why people pilgrimage from around the world as Steve opens his doors to you at KAX!
(Please plan your arrival times to allow for your tour, when you register.)

Listen to the Breaking Annoucment for KAX on the Ventriloquism Weekly Podcast

Mark Meets The Tree and You Will Too At KAX!

Steve and a Sneak Peek Around the Axtell Studio

Join us Oceanfront at in Oxnard, CA, with your hosts Mark, Tami, and many of your KIDabra Favorites plus surprise after surprise at
The First Ever KIDabra Midyear Conference:

Ken Scott

Buster Balloon


Gary Shelton

Nathan Roberts

Matt Bailey

John Bobik


Jay Johnson


Steve Trash

Taylor Mason

Annie Banannie


Steve Axtell

and friend/s!

Mike Bent

Barry Mitchell


Silly Scott

Mark Truman

Joe Selph

Your Hosts and Directors:

  Mark and Tami Daniel

Plus The Wilson's:

Mark, Nani Darnell, and Greg!



One of the Most Exciting Gatherings of

Unique KIDshow Props on Earth!

KAX is Presentation of KIDabra International

A Note and A Welcome


If you're new to KIDabra, Welcome!


KIDabra is a group of like minded performers from around the world who perform for children's and family audiences. We are magicians, puppeteers, clowns, ventriloquists, balloonologists, storytellers, jugglers, and more! All folks who love what we do, and strive to share it with our audiences by being the best we can be!

If this describes you, then welcome to this amazing Association, Family and continuing incredible Project, Welcome to KIDabra! Find out more about KIDabra International by clicking the About button below.

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